Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe

Curatronic’s new Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe is designed for rapid, effective local pain therapy.  It has proven to be an exceptional clinical tool with significant clinical benefits for our patients.

Curatron system with Combo Probe

Bill G shattered his calcaneus in a fall from a roof.  We saw him 11 months after the surgical reconstruction of his foot.  He was in chronic pain he scored three (0-10).  After 10 minutes of therapy with the Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe, pain was gone and the swelling lessened and color appreciably better around his ankle.    Over a course of ten sessions, Bill’s heel, ankle and foot have continued to heal visibly.  Afternoon edema is no longer a major concern, range of motion is greater, and baseline pain is less than one.

LED-PEMF Combined Probe Combo Probe - Side View Combo Probe - Back


The Combo Probe delivers extreme, high intensity, combined PEMF and LED therapy in a compact, handheld applicator.  If you have come to think of PEMF as a staid and conservative method with incremental results, think again!

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy of 150 milliTeslas, 3,000 times greater than earth’s is combined, targeted and synchronized together with 2 Watts of 640 nanometer led light in a pulse sequence which changes every 60 seconds to adaptation by the body.    When treatment is given to single area for one, ten minute cycle, the Combo Probe will have administered 37.5 Joules/Cm2 there, a considerable dosage likely to achieve analgesia effectively on its own, joined with the strongest oscillating PEMF available from any Curatronic product we have tested personally so far.[1]


Self treating knee - Combo Probe Self treating neck with Combo Probe Self treating back Combo Probe

For best results in pain therapy, always treat in full contact (or as close to as anatomy allows comfortably).  More photons will penetrate deeper, and patient will be better.

The Combo Probe can be set to treat at low, medium or high intensity, for five, ten or fifteen minutes.  We recommend high intensity for almost any pain.   (An example of an exception might be reducing treatment time or intensity if  treating a painful knee or any other joint which felt hot to the touch with an acute exacerbation of an underlying chronic inflammatory condition.)

One cycle of ten minutes at high intensity over a painful joint or soft tissue injury has significantly reduced pain for us virtually every time.   A back and/or hip or other larger area may (or may not) justify a second, ten minute application.

Moving over a painful joint or an area of soft tissue trauma as the Combo Probe’s manual recommends has worked very well.   Our advice is to limit your treatment to the immediate area around one ankle, knee, elbow,or shoulder joint or soft tissue area for every 10  minutes of therapy.   We usually ask patients to do it in contact or as close to it as they can and to spend at least half of a ten minute treatment cycle directly over the point of greatest pain.  

*****A significant added bonus with the Combo Probe is that treatment can be unattended in most instances, freeing up valuable time.*****   Our experience has been that most patients enjoy and are fully capable of treating themselves successfully and follow instruction – so long as the targeted joint or soft tissue is comfortably within reach.    Who better to do it? [2]

Case Study – Spinal Stenosis/Pain/Limited Mobility

Richard B was an 85 year old diabetic male with a history of spinal stenosis and arthritis who had been essentially chair bound during the day ever since back surgery in 2011.  Chief complaints were 1) difficulty in walking or standing for any length of time and 2) low back and leg pain and numbness which quickly became intolerable whenever he stood.  Richard slept in his chair much of the day .

With both Combo Probe and laser therapy, he quickly regained mobility and resumed activity.  He installed a new faucet in a bathroom after the second visit and has been doing other work around the house again since.   Richard decided he was ready to be discharged after just six treatments.  We were skeptical and expected he would be back.  On follow up by phone one month later, both he and his wife reported that he has been fully able to pursue daily activities, no limitation or major discomfort.  It was a huge surprise and a pleasure to run into Richard, leaving the supermarket, walking beside his wife, supporting himself with a cart six months later.


The Combo Probe has made a positive difference in virtually all pain and in nearly every patient we’ve seen over several years.   When we have combined it with laser therapy, already positive outcomes have been enhanced.  It has not mattered whether the Combo Probe leads or follows laser therapy.  Results from both together have been better than from either alone.  Furthermore, we usually have been able to hand the Combo Probe to our patients, allowing them to treat themselves.

Patients appreciate the Combo Probe for its 1) efficacy, 2) quick treatment time and 3) ease of application, as do we.  Yet the greatest gift of all for us perhaps has been greater freedom to focus our energies elsewhere in the clinic since therapy can usually be unattended.  Our patients clearly enjoy treating themselves, have followed instructions well with gratifying results.

Something new which quickly and effectively treats pain on its own and enhances other methods is rare and noteworthy.  The closest comparison to how this feels for us is the joy experienced when first seeing patients recover from seemingly intractable pain through laser therapy 20 year’s ago.  Our enthusiasm and appreciation for lasers has only grown since.  The Combo Probe feels like that.  Adding the Combo Probe to our existing Curatron 2000 PC system has meant that we have been able to help most patients with pain immediately with PEMF and combined with and greatly enhanced results of laser and other methods.  If you already own a Curatronic PC system but do not yet have the latest software, please take advantage of the discounted New Software/Combo Probe Bundle.

With PEMF of 150 milliTesla and 2 Watts of led light simultaneously being generated by the Combo Probe, heat is an unavoidable byproduct.  Yet the Combo Probe has proven well within the comfort zone for everyone so far for at least two, immediately consecutive, 10 minute cycles, and most patients enjoy the warmth.

In Summary

The Combo Probe is a valuable, new clinical tool which has significantly enhanced outcomes in pain for us and for our patients.  Therapy is quick, well accepted and can usually be unattended.

If you are treating pain but do not yet own a PEMF system, including the Combo Probe, in and of itself, is reason enough to do so.    The Combo Probe has greatly increased the clinical value of our Curatron system overall and improved outcomes for our patients.  Highly recommended!


Light emitting diodes: 50 x 640nm-40mW

Peak light power / Average light power: 2000 mW / 1000 mW.

Effective red light therapy area: 16 cm2 (~ 2½ inch2)

Peak / Average power density: 125 mW/cm2 / 62.5 mW/cm2

PEMF max intensity 150 milliTesla (1500 Gauss) with  PC/Super, 3D/Ultra and XPSE

Pulse duty cycle: 50%.  Pulse frequency: 1 – 50 Hz

Device Size: Length 13 cm (5.1″), Width 12 cm (4.7″), Height 6.5 cm (2.5″) and 10 cm (4″) with the handle

Weight: 1.1 Kg (2.4 lbs)

[1] A Butterfly Coil which can generate 160 milliTeslas is Curatronic’s strongest, oscillating PEMF applicator  but can only be operated by the 3-D system and requires both of its 2 channels.

[2] Although we may not be able to prove that results are better when patients treat themselves, they clearly enjoy it, and happy people are bound to be healthier.

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Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe
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