Benign Fibrotic Breast Lumps

Physical Therapy. 1999; 79 (7): 691-698.

Low-intensity laser therapy for benign fibrotic lumps in the breast following reduction mammaplasty.


Fibrotic masses in the breast secondary to fat necrosis or hematoma are a complication of breast reduction mammaplasty. The treatment commonly recommended for this condition is early surgical debridement of necrotic tissue from the entire area, which causes scarring. This case report describes the use of low- intensity laser therapy for fibrotic lumps following reduction mammaplasty. Case Description: The patient was a 46-year-old woman who had breast reduction surgery 80 days prior to referral for physical therapy. At the time of referral, the largest mass was 8.0 cm in diameter. The patient reported pain and said she was distressed about the breast disfigurement. Laser irradiation was initiated at anenergy density (ED) of 20J/cm2 and a pulse repetition rate of 5,000 pulses per second. The laser settings were adjusted during the 8-month treatment period. The final ED was 50J/cm2. The mass was 33% of its original size after 3 treatments over the initial 11-day period. Pain relief was immediate. The rate of resolution decreased after the initial period. The patient had some tissue thickening at the time of discharge after 6 months of treatment.