Equipment calculation of LLLT dose: need or harm?

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult.  2012 Nov-Dec;(6):54-5.

Calculation of the dose of low-intensity laser radiation: the need or the harm?

[Article in Russian]
Moskvin SV.


This study showed that it is highly undesirable to equip the devices for laser therapy with the dose-calculation function. In order to avoid mistakes, the operator should perform a strict sequence of actions as follows: to choose the needed wavelength and operating regime (the laser head block) of the LILR source, to set and measure the radiation power, the time and frequency of treatment, turn on the apparatus, control its operation and switch it off at the scheduled time. Meeting all these requirements eventually ensures obtaining a certain optimal dose density and guarantees that the entire procedure of laser irradiation is performed in a proper way. The equipment of the apparatus with the dose-calculation function is nothing more than a marketing ploy intended to earn extra money that apart from everything else creates additional problems for the customer.