Urologiia. 1999 Nov-Dec;(6):13-5.

Endovascular Helium-Neon laser irradiation of the blood in the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis.

[Article in Russian]

Tsvettsikh VE, Sultanbaev VR, Berdichevski? BA, Kazeko NI, Ovchinnikov AA, Sultanbaev RA, Murychev AV.

The authors analyze the condition of free-radical oxidation and activity of antioxidant system, clinical effectiveness of He-Ne laser therapy of patients with chronic pyelonephritis. It is shown that clinical manifestation of the disease is accompanied with activation of free radical oxidation and hypoactivity of antioxidant system. Endovascular laser hemotherapy stimulates antioxidant system, activity of superoxide dismutase, in particular. A good response and immunomodulation are achieved.

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 1999 Jul-Aug;(4):24-5.

The use of laser radiation and sinusoidal modulated currents in the therapy of patients with chronic calculous pyelonephritis.

[Article in Russian]

Nesterov NI, Li AA, Vasil’eva MF, Slepushkina TG, Derevnina NA.

The authors present a technique of treating chronic calculous pyelonephritis with laser radiation and sinusoidal modulated currents which promotes a complete elimination of the calculus fragments in 100, 70 and 50% of the patients in the stone size 0.2-0.5 cm, 0.5-0.7 cm and > 7 cm, respectively. This combined therapy had also antiinflammatory, and immunity-stimulating effects.

Estimation of efficiency of magnetolaserotherapy in metaphilactik of stone disease

Avdoshin V.P.,Andruchin M.I., Lahlou H.F.

Russia peoples friendship university. Moscow

The cause of stones formation in kidneys are rather various, one of which is membranes distabilisation of renal tubuls and infringement of colloid system. For an estimation of efficacity of influence magneto-laser therapy on frequency of a stones relapse we studed 68 patients from 18 to 70 years old, after natural stone elimination within one to three months. The estimation of activity stone formation was made on the basis of a phenomenon “Shatochina-Shabolma”. 33 patients were treated with medicines and medical plants. The therapy was given according to the nature of the stone. 35 patients besides common therapy got magneto-laser therapy on a kidneys area, the number of sessions was 8-12 during course of treatment.

The results of research have shown, that in group of the patients who have received magneto-laser therapy only in 2 (5.7 %) patients in a month have come active stone formation , m 9 (25.7 %) – in 2 months, in 17 (48,6 %) – in 3 months, and in 18 (51.4 %) – active stone formation 3 months later was not revealed. At the same time in the group of control receiving common therapy, active stone formation was revealed in a month in 13 (39.4 %) patients, in 2 months – in 21 (63.6 %), and in three months – in 29 (87.9 %) and only in 4 (12.1 %) patients active stone formation was not revealed.

Thus, magneto-laserotherapy in patients with stone disease is pathogenicaly reasonable with laser radiation stabilizing influence on biomembranes, that brings about colloid systems normalization and decreasing the risk of stone formation.

Dynamics of renal function in patients with acute pyelonephritis and diabetes treated with magnitolaserotherapy.

Avdoshin V.P. Andrukhin M.I. Makarov O.V. Peoples friendship University of Russia. Moscow

We studed 98 patients with acute pyelonephritis and diabetes, 62 (63,3 %) patients out of them with not complicated forms , with complicated 36 (36,7 %). The renal function was controled on the base of clinical sings, biochemical and radioimmunological data.  Renal disfunction was revealed in all patients. Reani disfiinrion of the first degree in patients with not complicated pyelonephritis was diagnosed in 36 (58%), the second degree – in 21 (34%), the third degree – in 5 (8%) patients. Rean] disfiinrion of the first degree in patients  with complicated pyelonephritis was diagnosed in 11 (30.6%),the second – in 17 (47.2 %), the third degree in 8 (22.2 %).

Patients with complicated pyelonephritis were treated after restoration of urine outflow by upper unnary tract. Kidney catheterisation was performed in 32 (88.9%) patients, trancutaneal kidney puncture – in 4 (11.1%) patients. Besides antibiotics, detoxical therepy all patients were threated with magnitolaserotherapy  useing “MILTA” apparatus.

bi patients with not complicated pyelonephritis the renal function has normalized in 21 patients (33,9 %), first degree renal disfunction was found in 26 (41,9 %), second – in 15 (24. %). The improvement of renal disfunction by one degree was revealed in 29 (46,7 %) patients, in 8 (12,9 %) by two degrees. In patients with the complicated pyelonephritis the renal function has normalized in 7 (19 %), the first degree renal disfunction – inIO patients (27,7 %), the second – in 13 (36 %),the third -in 6 (16,6 %), improvement of renal disfunction by one degree was revealed in 11 (30.6%), by two degrees – in 2 (5.6%) patients.

The results received are explained by positive medical effect of magnetolaserotherapy on inflammatory process in kidneys and renal function. Such effect is caused by improvement of microcirculation and reduction of kidneys tissue edema.