Combined High Power PEMF-LED Probe


Curatronic’s new, high power, Combination PEMF-LED Probe is a useful tool that we are using with a great many patients  Though we have been administering pulsed electromagnetic field therapy together with lasers and leds for almost as long as we have been in practice, this is the first opportunity we have had to administer both therapies with a single device.

Preliminary results have been very positive.  Ten minutes of application per treatment area in most neck, shoulder and back pain has usually lowered pain scores by half or more, and greater sensation and less numbness in the ball, toes and dorsum of feet have been reported by several patients with neuropathy.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has usually been thought of as an adjunctive treatment, given in addition to some other method.  The Combo Probe is different.    It  has a handle and is designed and intended for targeted treatment.  it’s also 50% stronger than any other applicator we have used before.  The upside is that 10″ has worked in most pain so far.    What’s also good is that for most (but not all) complaints, one can instruct the patient himself to hold the Combo Probe in place over the target for unattended treatment.

If there is a downside it’s that the Combo Probe requires a lot of energy to operate.  If it’s going to deliver the full 150 milliTeslas of pemf (3000 x earth’s magnetic field) + two Watts of 640 nm led light, there is no way to operate it at full power along with a second applicator, at least not with the PC2000 system in our clinic.  It’s very different in that treatment times may be much shorter because of its high intensity   According to the manufacturer it delivers pulsed electromagnetic field therapy at up to 150 milliTeslas in combination with 2,000 milliwatts of Red LED light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and intensity of 125 milliWatts / Cm2 over 16 square centimeters.

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See the LLLT and feel the PEMF power




GaAlAs light emitting diodes: 640 nm x 50.

Peak light power: 2000 mW.

Effective red light therapy area: 16 cm2 (~ 2½ inch2)

Peak power density: 125 mW cm2 (~ 0.16 inch2)

PEMF max intensity 150 milliTesla (1500 Gauss) with XP/Pro special, PC/Super, 3D/Ultra

PEMF max intensity 100.000 milliTesla (1000 Gauss) with XP/Pro

Pulse frequency: 1 – 50 Hz















Combined High Power PEMF-LED Probe
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