Curatron Ultra-Power 3-D System

The Ultra Power 3-D system delivers Curatronic’s strongest, whole body, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy via a  3-dimentional 50 milli Tesla high power, full body mattress.

Explanation of 3-D electromagnetic field

Electromagnetic field distribution of a single flat coilElectromagnetic field distribution of a single flat coil

Electromagnetic field distribution of a single flat coil

The picture at the left shows the typical electromagnetic field for one of the flat coils placed inside a therapy mattress. It can easily be seen that as you move away from the coil the magnetic field diminishes. This means that although the pulsing field will completely penetrate the body some “dead” areas will occur as shown in the picture on the right side.

The standard Curatron therapy mattress contains 8 large coils inside, which are all activated at the same time.   The Curatron mattress has large coils in order to reduce the “dead” zone effect as much as possible and to maximize the even spread of pulsed electromagnetic fields as much as technically possible.

In practice the “dead” zone effect has little, if any, influence on the efficacy of the treatment because people usually move during treatment. Repeated treatments will eliminate this effect almost completely, because nobody will lie on the mattress in exactly the same way.


Standard therapy mattress with multiple coilsStandard therapy mattress with multiple coils

In the above picture the aforementioned effect has been visually exaggerated purposefully in order to more clearly illustrate the so-called “dead” zones principle.

The Ultra-Power Curatron 3-D system

Intended for instant results during clinical applications, the 3-D mattress concept has been developed to work together with the Ultra-Power Curatron PC system, practically eliminating the “dead” zone effect.


The person is treated with very powerful PEMF’s, which can easily be felt with the test magnet, even far above the mattress. The whole body is literally “bathed” inside and out by these very strong, pulsed electromagnetic fields.

The 3-D ultra-power Curatron system has been designed for rapid pain relief and treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis and other disorders   The 3-D mattress generates a field of 50 milli Tesla (500 Gauss) simultaneously over the complete mattress to ensure absolute penetration through all tissue, cells and bones deep inside the body.  The field is still very powerful 20 inches (50 cm) above the complete mattress area and beyond.

The Ultra-Power Curatron PC unit has 2 outputs for easy connection of 2 applicators working at the same time. Besides the aforementioned applicators also other combinations of professional applicators can be used with the Ultra-Power 3-D Curatron PC system.
  • The pulsed electromagnetic field penetrates the whole body in all 3 axes (length, width and height).
  • Software package is included with Curatron 3-D systems
  • All therapy parameters are under direct command and control of the PC program running under Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 or Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 & EI Capitan.
  • User-friendly database for demographic patient data including treatment follow up.
  • Therapy settings can be selected from a database containing an extensive list of almost one hundred ready for use therapy protocols
  • In addition to the ready for use treatment protocols, all the therapy parameters can be set manually, saved in the Custom Disorders database and then run automatically.
  • Free notes editing
  • Full PEMF report printing, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.
  • Automatic USB communication port detection for very easy installation without basic computer knowledge
Curatron 2000 3-D Ultra Power PC System  – $12,500.00
System includes the 3-D full body, 50 milliTesla (500 Gauss) mattress, professional software and USB cable.  (Laptop in illustration is not included).
Butterfly Coil, 8″ x 8″ $1,250.00   
A butterfly coil is available exclusively for the 3-D system and can generate 160 milli Teslas (1600 Gauss), the strongest oscillating field of any Curatronic applicator but must be operated by itself and with connection to both channels of your 3-D system.
The butterfly coil is designed and intended for deep penetration, to reduce chronic pain and to alter pain-related brain and nerve activity for rapid alleviation of local pain.  Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is an example of how a butterfly coil is used for deep penetration into the brain to treat depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, migraines and other neurological and mood disorders.
High Power, PEMF-LED Probe $3,750.00
Very High Energy Coil,  8″ x 8″  $695.00
Therapy Pad 20″ x 28″ $630.00

Shipping & Handling:  Shipping to USA is  $250.00 for 3-D systems.   All Curatronic products are shipped from the manufacturer in Israel on Mondays and Wednesdays and customarily arrive within 7-10 days of the shipping date.

Insurance:  Insurance on shipping is at your request at the time you place your order.  Please decide whether you wish to insure your shipment before you order.  Costs to insure shipping are:

  • FLASH, PC, XPSE and XP systems: $45
  • Ultra 3-D system: $60
  • Combination PEMF-LED Probe: $25

Please call us with any questions regarding shipping, insurance and prices for accessories not included in your original order.

All medical device sales are final.

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