Laser Acupuncture – Successful Treatment Concepts

Laser Acupuncture – Successful Treatment Concepts by Volkmar Kreisel and Michael Weber is the result of years of clinical experience.

Broad in scope yet in rich in the necessary detail for the subject, the authors have created a manual that anyone practicing laser needle acupuncture,  laser auriculotherapy and bioresonance therapy and more will appreciate having nearby in the clinic.

Readers are introduced to the theory and clinical application of laser acupuncture one step at a time.   You will learn frequency selection, dosage calculation and techniques as appropriate for therapy by laser pen, laser shower, and laser needle acupuncture.  Drs. Kreisel and Weber seek to impart their knowledge and experience across a broad range of indications, detailing points, parameters and techniques for success.

The book successfully links modern research findings with TCM and contemporary German auriculotherapy, clearly describing the biological effects of light and lasers with beauty and solid science.  Beautifully illustrated and well organized.

300 pages and over 200 tables and color illustrations

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Laser Acupuncture - Successful Therapy Concepts
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