Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Systems

Curatronic, Ltd has been manufacturing powerful, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) systems for health professionals and home use since 2000, steadily developing an innovative product line.

LED-PEMF Combined Probe

In 2014 Curatronic unveiled its groundbreaking, Combination High Power  PEMF-LED Probe (above) designed for rapid, effective, local pain therapy in a compact, hand-held applicator. Flash PEMF with coil

In March 2017 Curatronic began delivery of its new,  extreme intensity, FLASH PEMF device, shown above.  Curatronic’s new Flash PEMF system is intended  to improve upon the previous technology of Tesla type devices for greater reliability and performance.  The Flash and ALL Curatronic products come with a 3 year warranty and the company’s reputation for building reliable, effective, affordable devices which deliver on their promises.

The Curatronic 3D and PC systems are computer driven and designed for health care professionals.  The XPSE and the XP are stand alone, non-computerized systems suitable for professional or home use.    Highly recommended.

The two channel Curatron  3-D system delivers high intensity, whole body PEMF and more. Click here to learn more…      


The Curatron XP Special Edition and the Curatron XP are high intensity, non- computerized systems for home or professional use

The Curatron PC is a computer driven, high intensity, professional system.  Click here to learn more…                   LED-PEMF Combined Probe

Curatron 3-D has two channels, and the PC, XPSE and XP with the optional  switchbox can operate two separate treatment applicators, administering therapy to two different body areas simultaneously.

Curatron Flash – – Starts at $7,700.00                                                      Including 12″ (30cm) coil applicator and therapy pad.  

Optional Applicator: 7″ x 7″ pad with flash coil system inside $475.00

Optional Applicator: 18″ x 23″ mat with flash coil system inside $675.00

Option: PEMF Flash Software for Windows and Mac to create and save your own protocols, including USB cables   -$675.00

Curatron 2000 PC – $5,490.00.
Includes professional software package and USB cable for PC / Laptop. Order at least one applicator pad with this unit.  Order the switchbox in order to operate two applicators.

Curatron 2000 XP Special Edition, 150% Power (XPSE)– $4,750.00.
The XPSE will operate the Combination, High-Power, PEMF-LED Probe at full strength (150 mT plus 2 Watts LEDT) by itself or, with the optional Switch Box, will drive any two  other applicators at the same time – Therapy Pad (20” x 28”) at 40 mT, Very High Energy Coil (5”x 8”) at 100 mT and the Full Body Mattress (25” x 71”) at 15 mT.  Order at least one applicator with this unit and the switchbox if you wish to operate two applicators simultaneously.

Curatron 2000 XP – $4,295.00.
Order at least one applicator with this unit.  Order the switchbox in order to operate two applicators.

Curatron 2000 PC Professional System – $10,900.00
Includes professional software package and USB cable for PC/laptop, one Combination, High-Power, PEMF-LED Probe, one Therapy Pad, (20” x 28”),  one Very High Energy Coil (8”x 8”) and Switch Box to allow user to run two applicators at once.

Curatron 2000 3-D Ultra Power System – $12,500.00
Complete with 3-D full body 50 milli Tesla mattress.
Included are professional software and USB cable for PC / Laptop and this 50 milliTesla whole body mattress.  This powerful two channel system can deliver 50 milliTesla to the whole body via the mattress AND operate one Combination, High Power PEMF-LEDT Probe at full strength at the same time – or Curatronic’s new highest intensity, 160 milliTesla Butterfly Coil (8″x8″) by itself.
3 Year Warranty
“After extensive testing and almost zero repairs during the last 10 years I am more than happy to take the plunge and starting with shipments now, a warranty period on the units is standard 3 years.”               –Ben Philipson, Curatronic, October 20, 2015 

If you are considering a lease-to-buy program, we recommend Insurlease.

Click here for Insurlease Application

Shipping, Handling & Insurance:  Shipping to the USA for PC, XPSE & XP Systems is 175.00 and 250.00 for the 3-D.   All Curatronic products are shipped from the manufacturer in Israel on Mondays and Wednesdays and customarily arrive within 7-10 days of the shipping date.  Please decide if you wish to insure your shipment before you place your order. 

Costs to insure shipping are:

  • FLASH, PC, XPSE and XP systems: $45
  • Ultra 3-D system: $60
  • Combination PEMF-LED Probe: $25

Please call for Shipping/Handling/Insurance prices of accessories not included in original order.

All medical device sales are final.

Curatron Products & Accessories

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  • Curatron 2000 PC

      The 2000 PC is designed to deliver state-of-the-art PEMF with a wide range of options and applicators and is Curatronic’s original, open platform system for health professionals. The Curatron 2000 PC’s software has presets for 120 conditions, and custom protocols with intensity, pulse rate (1-50 Hz) and times are fully programmable.  Once created and […]

    Order Curatron 2000PC
  • Curatron XPSE and XP Systems

    The Curatron XPSE (XP Special Edition) and XP Systems have been designed for health care professionals and for educated consumers who are seeking significant clinical results with strong, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the milliTesla range.  Pain relief Sports Injuries Arthritis Rheumatic pain Fibromyalgia Tendinitis Osteoporosis Low back pain Fracture healing Neuralgia Backache Wound healing […]

    Order Curatron 2000XP
  • Energy Coils

    Curatron offers two Energy Coils: High Energy Coil and Very High Energy Coil. Both are for local treatment. (eg. knee, elbow, hand, foot) Accessory for Curatron Bioelectromagnetic Systems

    Order Curatron 2000 XP Energy Coils

    NEW Curatron FLASH is a high voltage, capacitance discharge device intended for rapid anesthesia and relief of pain.  The FLASH’s extreme, concentrated electromagnetic impulses are managed electronically through new, high voltage, solid state, semiconductor technology designed to improve performance and overcome technical problems associated with earlier designs of Tesla type devices. The new FLASH comes with […]

    Order Curatron Flash PEMF System & Options
  • Full Body Mattress

    The Curatron Full Body Mattress offers a switch box for convenient selection between 2 different applicators or for simultaneous use. Dimensions: 25” x 71” Accessory for Curatronic Bioelectromagnetic Systems

    Order Curatron 2000XP Full Body Mattress Full Body Mattress @ $935.00
  • Therapy Pad

    Dimensions: 20” x 28″ Order at least one applicator pad with this unit. Accessory for Curatron Bioelectromagnetic Systems The therapy pad can generate up to 40 milliTeslas with the PC computer driven system and 30 milliTeslas with the stand alone XP system which is in the upper end of the range to stimulate the formation of new […]

    Order Curatron 2000 XP Therapy Pad Therapy Pad @ $630.00

Switch Box

With the switch box in place, two applicators can be connected to your PC or XP system.  You can select to run either applicator by itself or both applicators simultaneously.  


Order Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Products

Switch Box @ $265.00   


*XP Upgrade (Read carefully) The standard Curatron XP is a stand-alone unit and cannot be connected to a computer. Should you want to upgrade the Curatron XP to a PC later, you can order the Curatron 2000 XP with an option for $350.00 which will allow it to be connected to a PC or laptop later.

Bioelectromagnetic Therapy Products
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3Optional Insurance on Shipping for FLASH, PC, XPSE & XP Systems worldwide$45.00
4Shipping & Handling for 3-D Systems by DHL Courier worldwide$250.00
5Optional Insurance on Shipping of 3-D Systems worldwide$60.00
6Optional insurance on Shipping of Combination PEMF-LED Probe$25.00
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