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Medical Laser Systems’ Luminex has provided countless, thousands of hours of reliable service in often near continuous use in the clinic. The Luminex design is an outgrowth of the Respond veterinary series and the result of more than 20 years experience in the manufacture of therapeutic lasers. Medical Laser Systems and Luminex have well-earned reputations for excellence in design, craftsmanship, quality of components and customer service.

Luminex is versatile and may be adapted to a great many applications. The base unit can be adjusted for output powers of 500, 250, 100 mW, and the 3 mm fiberoptic adaptor provided may be used to concentrate the beam for laserpuncture, trigger point therapy, dental and other applications, including sublingual laser blood irradiation. Luminex is available with 867 nm infrared and 670 nm red, 500 mW laser probes. These laser diodes are high quality components capable of running at much higher powers and engineered for performance, durability and long life.

Should servicing be necessary during the warranty period, Medical Laser Systems promises to have your laser on its way back to you within 2 business days of its receipt, or a loaner will be provided at no charge. Our praise and appreciation are based upon years of working experience with Luminex and familiarity with a wide variety of therapeutic lasers. In the rare instance that service has been necessary, Medical Laser Systems has gone above and beyond. Highly recommended.

Base Unit Power Settings: 500 mW, 250 mW, 100 mWo Probes: Gallium-Aluminum Arsenide infrared, 867 nm, and red. 670 nm, with a minimum output power of 500 mW as measured at the lens.

Probe spot size: 1.04 cm2.

Probe dimensions: 1.25″ Diameter x 7″ long.

Power Meter: Accuracy is +2%. Allows one to check the probe’s power output before beginning treatment.

Dosimetry: An audible tone signifies each Joule of energy output, allowing easy and accurate measurement of the dosage delivered.

Pulsing Mode: Users can choose from preset, extremely low frequencies – 2, 5, 8, 10, 20 Hz and Nogier frequencies – 73, 146, 292, 584, 1168, 2336, 4672, 9344 Hz.

Pulse Width: When operated in pulsed mode, the beam is interrupted for 2 µsec. At the continuous wave setting, there is no pulse interruption.

Laser Class: BRH Class IIIb.

Power Supply: Wall mounted unit. Input: 120VAC @60Hz, 1.3A; Ouput:12VDC, 0.325A.

Lithium Ion Batteries: Permit the therapist to move from place to place without having an electrical outlet available. The batteries last approximately 10 – 12 hours of use prior to needing recharge. The recharge takes place in approximately 8 hours.

Two pair of safety goggles are provided: Blocking 99% of laser light between 904 and 670nm.

Warranty: 2 years.

FDA Clearance: Class II device.

LUCID Probe Tip: included with every Luminex system, the Lucid Probe the reduces laser aperture to 3 mm, concentrating the beam for laser puncture, trigger point therapy, dental applications and more (Spot size = .07068 cm2). It reduces the power output approximately 50% from that set on the back of the base unit while increasing the power density of the beam approximately seven fold from approximately 0.5 W/cm2 to 3.5 W/cm2.

Base unit settings Power Output (w/LUCID probe tip)
500 mW ~ 250 mW
250 mW ~125 mW
100 mW ~ 50 mW

Complete Luminex 867 nm System – $5599.00 + $30 Shipping = $5629.00.  Florida Residents- $5599.00 + $30 Shipping + 7% Sales Tax = $6023.00

Includes one Controller, 867 nm Probe, Fine Probe tip, 2 Cables, 2 Keys, Carrying Case, User’s Manual.

Complete Luminex 867 and 670 System  – $7399.00 + $30 Shipping = $7429.00.  Florida Residents- $7399.00 + $30 Shipping + 7% Sales Tax = $7849.00

Includes one Controller, 867 nm an  670 nm Probe, Fine Probe tip, 2 Cables, 2 Keys, Carrying Case, User’s Manual.

Medical Laser Systems Pledge

“It is our pledge that upon receiving the laser equipment, it will remain in our office for no more than 2 business days before being shipped back to you. To meet this pledge, Medical Laser Systems, Inc. will either return your existing system to perfect working order within 2 business days or, if necessary, provide you with a loaner system at no extra charge.”

* Florida residents are responsible for an additional 7% Sales Tax plus any Discretionary Surtax levied by your county of residence.

Shipping & Handling, Insurance:  Shipping of Medical Laser System’s Luminex is customarily by FedEx ground within 3 business days of your order excluding holidays and may be expected to arrive within 7-14 business days within the continental US.  Insurance is extra and at your request.

All medical device sales are final.

Luminex Laser Therapy System Products & Accessories

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  • Lucid Probe Tip

    The LUCID Probe Tip has a diameter of 3 mm, reducing the area of the beam and increasing its power density approximately seven-fold. Designed to fit snugly on the end of the 670 nm and 867 nm Luminex® Laser Probes, it may be used for laserpuncture, trigger point therapy and for administering a desired dosage precisely […]

  • Luminex Card Reader System

    The Luminex® Card Reader System is designed to permit realistic sham treatments and double-blinding for those performing laser therapy research.  The system operates by swiping a specially coded card through the card reader. If a “sham” card is swiped,  no laser light will be emitted though emission indicators will be lit and the laser probe […]

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