Comments from our  students…

“After completing the Healing Light Seminars Laser Course, I feel very confident in my ability to not only use lasers safely but also effectively for pain relief and general acupuncture purposes for my patients. There were a variety of lasers and PEMF devices available for hands on learning in an intimate group setting. Moreover, I found David, the course instructor, who uses lasers clinically, to be highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to augment their skills and their treatment outcomes with the use of lasers.”

 Shantel King-Whitby, MD, PM&R, Macon,GA

Great balance of clinical and theoretical material.  Instructor is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable.  I would highly recommend this course to other acupuncture physicians and I will.  Wonderful PowerPoint presentation.”

Heidi Regier, L.Ac., Florida

“Dr, David Rindge has thoroughly applied great conceptual and experiential knowledge in a clear way.”

Mayda Carrillo, RN, LAc, Florida

“You love what you do, and it shows – your enthusiasm makes for easier learning and I’m sure greater healing for your patients.  “Light” is who you are!”

– Kim Hill, L.Ac, Michigan

“I highly recommend this course.  There was lots of hands on and it was well prepared.”

– Gail Rothfield, L.Ac., New York

“I have gained a through knowledge of lasers which will be greatly usable in my practice. I am so appreciative of your direction and help.”

– K. Sager, D.C., Illinois

“The clinical portion was a big help… My questions were answered”

– Steve Zuckerman, L.Ac., Florida

“Exceeded my expectations.  Great presentation.  So looking forward to using laser therapy in practice.”

– Steve Shomo, L.Ac., Florida

“Incredible!  Many thanks”

– B. Makula, L..Ac., Maryland

“I was able to implement several ideas on Monday morning.  The results have been extremely gratifying!”

– D. Thompson, D.C., Louisiana

“I wish I had taken your seminar before I bought a laser.”

– D. Clark, D.C., Oregon

“Dr. D. Rindge has done a great job.  Thank you.” –

-Hamid Emam, D.C., Virginia

“I had no idea what a wonderful tool a laser could be…I can’t wait to get started”

– M. Carillo, L.Ac., Florida

“My questions were answered, laser therapy really is the medicine of the future”

– Eugene Lim, L.Ac., Illinois