New Software / Combination High Power PEMF-LED Probe

Why new software, we thought?  Our PC system had been running just fine since 2005.  The reason to upgrade is that it allows older PC systems to operate a ground-breaking, new clinical tool for local, pain therapy, the Combination, High Power, PEMF-LED ProbeIf you don’t yet understand our enthusiasm, we encourage you to re-read the preceding link .  We believe once you’ve made the decision to invest in this technology, you will NEVER look back.   You will also save 50% on the price of the new software, $337.50 vs $675.00, by purchasing the Combination High Power PEMF-LED / Software Bundle here.

(Note:  You do NOT need to purchase new software if your system was shipped from Curatronic with software version 5 or above.)

Software on laptop plus controller

Advantages of the new software also include an improved professional display (patient’s name, condition treated and running countdown of remaining time).  There are now presets for 120 conditions.  You can create and entitle your own protocols, set intensity, pulse rate (1-50 Hz), the time for each stage and the total time of treatment, and, once saved, store and run any protocol with any patient.

  • All treatment parameters are under direct control of the PC program running under Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 or Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 & EI Capitan
  • User-friendly database for patient data and follow up.
  • Preset treatment protocols ready-to-use for 120 conditions.
  • Therapy parameters can be set manually, saved in the Custom Disorders database and then run automatically.
  • Full PEMF report printing, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.
  • Automatic USB communication port detection for very easy installation without basic computer knowledge.


Software Screenshot 2

Software Screenshot 3

Software Screenshot 4

The new, state-of-the-art software increases the functionality and power of your Curatron and is designed to help ensure your open platform system will support you now and in the future!