Photobiomodulation – Preventing Medical Errors, Lowering Costs and Raising the Bar in Health Care

by David Rindge. All rights reserved

Resistance to change is natural.  We all have a tendency to repeat what we’ve done, especially if it’s worked well enough in the past.  New treatments truly can be dangerous.   Yet photobiomodulation may have the highest benefit to risk ratio of all currently available therapies   Low intensity laser, led and pulsed electromagnetic therapies heal – which means treatment often has end points.  People get well, and safe methods which heal promise to lower health care costs while raising the bar.

The Affordable Care Act has become the law of the land in the U.S.  Is it going to work?  Or has it been designed to fail?  In 2014 virtually everyone  in the U.S. reading this will be required to buy insurance.  Is it now up to the insurance industry to make health care work?