Nikiforova N. B.

Municipal Polyclinic, Vladivostok, Russia

Recently a great deal of men and women suffer from quantitative and qualitative disorders of hair growth of diverse etiology. Based on the property of low intensive laser radiation to activize substantially the microcirculation and to enhance metabolic and regulate neurohumoral processes, the author seeks to normalize by means of laser circulation the functioning of hairy follicle and to reduce degeneration-dystrophic processes in derma which result in disorder of hair regeneration. Therapeutic laser apparatus with the wavelength of 0,63 and 0,89 mm were used for the treatment. A course of therapy consists of 10-15 procedures. Depending on a complication of the disease a patient underwent 1 to 3 courses with the intervals of 1, 3 and 6 months. 78 patients (17 men and 61 women) at the age of 16 to 49 years old have been treated. Diseases have been caused by strong stresses, after-effects of surgical treatment, ovary and thyroid gland dysfunctions, gastroenteric diseases etc. A considerable improvement of hair quality, recovery of pigment, increase in thickness and rate of hair growth (50-100%) were observed in all cases. An intensive alopecia was ceased among 100% of patients. By the end of the first course a daily number of fallen hairs was in accordance with the norm. By the end of the third week an appearance of new hairs was observed along the front line of growth in 90% of patients. Out of 24 patients underwent three medical treatments the problem was completely solved for 23 of them. The effectiveness of laser method in the treatment of alopecia is confirmed.