Burgers Disease

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 2001 May-Jun;(3):5-7.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) from thromboangiitis obliterans.

Sasaki K et al.

Proc. 2nd Congress World Association for Laser Therapy, Kansas City, USA, September 2-5 1998; p 95-96 .

In this case report a patient with thrombonagitis obliterans (Bürgers disease) was treated with a 60 mW 830 nm laser and a defocused 20 W Nd:YAG laser. Ulcers were remarkably improved. Agonizing pain and ischemia were relieved. In the MRA findings, sudden arterial obliteration disappeared. In the thermographical findings, skin temperature increased to normal level.

Supravascular laser exposure in combined modality treatment of patients with arteriosclerosis obliterans of blood vessels of lower extremities.

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Leont’eva NV, Evdokimova TA, Sedletskaia EIu, Dmitrieva IaV, Zolotnitskaia VP.

The efficiency of supravascular laser exposure in multiple-modality treatment of patients with atherosclerosis obliterans with distal vascular lesions is demonstrated and the method of noninvasive laser exposure of the lower limbs is validated. Difficulties in the treatment of this category of patients prompted supplementing traditional therapy by supravascular laser exposure in 32 patients. No laser therapy was used in the controls.