Erectile Dysfunction


V. Bondarcnko, A. Korobov

Ukrainian Research Institute of Pharmacotherapy of Endocrine Dis­eases, Research Institute of Laser Biology and Laser Medicine, Kharkov, Ukraine

The present research studies low-level laser irradiation the composite application of peptide bioregulator prostatilen and the LLLI for the treatment of the chronic prostatitis complicated by sexual disturbances. We have observed 32 patients at the age of 23-43 suffering from the chronic non-specific prostatitis. The patients have had numerous at­tempts to cure the disease and received various kinds of therapy. All the patients complained of the suppressed sexual function. Please note the fact that 12 patients received only this therapy, while the rest 20 underwent also a course of laser therapy which started after the 5-th injection of the medicine. Such semiconductor laser apparatus as “MOTYLEK-20” and “MURAVEY” (firm “Technica”) producing the laser irradiation with the wavelength of 0,89 nrn have been used. After the therapy which made use exclusively of prostatilen has been given, it turned out that in 50 % of the cases the erectile ability has been restored. The rapid ejaculation, however, remained in 75 % of the cases. The composite application of prostatilen and LLLI has improved the degree of the sexual activity more essentially. Here restora­tion of adequate erections has been found in 83,3 % of the cases. Only 25 % of the men still had the symptoms of the rapid ejaculation and of effaced orgasm. Thus, LLLI being applied to the prostate in the infrared range is successfully combined with the peptide bioregulator prostatilen for the treatment of the chronic non-specific prostatitis, as the medicine and the LLLI mutually reinforce the general medical effect. Such composite therapy substantially compensates the sexual function when the mentioned above pathology is observed.

Urologiia. 2004 Sep-Oct;(5):34-6.

[Apparatus Aeltis-Synchro-02-“Yarilo” and vacuum laser therapeutic urologic massager AMVL 01-“Yarovit in the treatment of chronic prostatitis complicated with copulation disfunction.]

[Article in Russian]

Shaplygin LV, Koval’ AM, Pavlenko AV, Kazachenko AIu.

There are three directions in pathogenetic treatment of chronic prostatitis (CP) which is conducted in parallel to etiotropic one (antimicrobial): general immunological; improving arterial inflow and venous outflow; creation of prostatic secretion outflow and that of seminal vesicles by means of contractions of the pelvic and perineal muscles, muscular fibers of the prostatic gland. The latter two directions can be managed with physiotherapy. It is proposed to use combination of drugs with physiotherapy conducted by means of the devices [see text].

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 1999 Mar-Apr;(2):25-7.

[Physical factors in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic prostatitis complicated by impotence]

[Article in Russian]

Karpukhin IV, Bogomol’ny? VA.

103 patients with chronic prostatitis complicated by erectile impotence were given combined treatment including shock-wave massage, mud applications, local vacuum magnetotherapy. This combination was found to stimulate copulative function, urodynamics of the lower urinary tracts, to produce an antiinflammatory effect. These benefits allow to recommend the above physical factors for management of chronic prostatitis patients with copulative dysfunction.