Patol Fiziol Eksp Ter. 2004 Oct-Dec;(4):24-5.

[Effect of magnetolaser therapy on dynamics of bioamines, heparin in injured peritoneum and healing of this injury]

[Article in Russian]

Arsiutov VP, Ivanov LN, Arsiutov OV.

An experimental study on 62 guinea pigs was made to examine a magnetic-laser effect on the levels of histamin, serotonin, catecholamine, heparin and pathomorphology of wound healing after operations in the abdominal cavity. Magnetolaser therapy promotes fast normalization of the above levels, suppression of inflammatory-necrotic processes and stimulation of reparative and regenerative processes.

Klin Khir. 2000 Aug;(8):42-4.

[The change of biogenic amine blood level under the influence of the low intensity laser infrared radiation]

[Article in Russian]

Povazhnaia ES, Sokrut VN, Lykov AA, Povazhnaia SV, Peklun IV.

The dynamics of the biogenic amines level in the blood of patients after performance of hemorrhoidectomy was dependent on severity of an organism stress-reaction predicting the wound healing outcome. When the wound irradiation using the low-energy laser of infrared diapason is performed in patients with the lowered reactivity of organism the histamine and serotonin contents dynamics is the same as in the patients with normal reactivity.

Vrach Delo. 1991 Jan;(1):24-7.

[Biogenic amines and cyclic nucleotides in the laser therapy of long-term nonhealing stomach ulcers]

[Article in Russian]

Loginov AS, Sokolova GN, Trubitsyna IE, Sokolova SV, Markin EP, Varvanina GG.

A study is presented of the effect of copper vapors laser therapy on the content of biogenic amines–serotonin and histamine and the state of adenylcyclase (AC) system (content of cAMP, cGMP and AC activity) at the edge of the gastric ulcer. Direct effect of laser radiation (single dose 10–15 J.) produced a significant increase of serotonin, histamine, cAMP, AC activity and an insignificant increase of cGMP. Healing of the ulcerative defect after 5–6 laser therapy sessions was followed by a reduction of the content of serotonin, increase of histamine, cAMP and AC activity. The authors discuss the biostimulating effect of laser radiation by influencing the inflammatory-proliferative processes in the epitheliocytes in prolonged nonhealing gastric ulcers.