Curatron XPSE and XP Systems

The Curatron XPSE (XP Special Edition) and XP Systems have been designed for health care professionals and for educated consumers who are seeking significant clinical results with strong, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the milliTesla range. 

Pain relief Sports Injuries
Arthritis Rheumatic pain
Fibromyalgia Tendinitis
Osteoporosis Low back pain
Fracture healing Neuralgia
Backache Wound healing

Electromagnetic fields in the milliTesla range have been shown to increase circulation, improve blood and tissue oxygenation and to activate and stimulate regenerating cells, including osteoblasts, the cells which lay down new bone.   Substantial increase in bone density may be obtained in osteoporosis, and non-union fractures, bones which have fractured but not healed, have been shown to mend with PEMF even when they’ve not done so for years.  See some of the huge volume of science which supports the clinical application of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in osteoporosis HERE.

The XPSE generates the most powerful, frequency modulated, pulsed electromagnetic fields of any non-computerized Curatron system, 15 to 150 milliTeslas, depending upon the applicator(s) and program selected.    It is also the most popular model and the only non-computerized Curatronic system which can operate the new 150 milliTesa, High Power, Combination PEMF-LEDT Probe at full intensity.

With the Therapy Pad,  the Curatron 2000 XPSE will generate 40 milliTesla, the top of the range for intensity reported to best stimulate the formation of new bone by Rubin et al [1], 100 milliTesla with the Very High Energy (VHE) Coil and 15 milliTesla with the Whole Body Mattress.  The XPSE is fully equivalent in intensity to the computerized PC system and may be ideal for the home or for practitioners seeking powerful PEMF which is super easy to apply.  The new bone generated by pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers great advantages over the old bone which retained through the use of biphosphonate drugs without the associated side effects.  Learn more about the differences and about how PEMF has been successfully applied in osteoporosis HERE.


               Comparison of the Intensity of PEMF

                                   XPSE                    XP

Very High Energy Coil 1000 Gauss / 100 milliTesla 700 Gauss / 70 milliTesla
Therapy Pad 400 Gauss / 40 milliTesla 300 Gauss / 30 milliTesla
Whole Body Mattress   150 Gauss / 15 MilliTesla      100 Gauss / 10 milliTesla      

The Curatron 2000 XP is the XPSE’s forerunner and still delivers strong PEMF of up to 30 milliTesla with the Therapy Pad still well within the recommended range to build bone.   Both XP and XPSE use frequency modulated PEMF.  Both have very high speed of induction of the field maximize therapeutic effects.  Both are easy to use. 

Curatron XP and XPSE systems are user-friendly with 10 different therapy programs built in.  The actual pulsed electromagnetic field is applied to the body by means of flat coils located inside the therapy pad, full body mattress, high energy or very high energy coil. With the desired applicator connected to the control unit via a flexible cable and in place over or under the area to be treated. select a program, and press Start button.  The complete therapy will be performed automatically.  After treatment is over, the energy automatically switches off and the unit goes into stand-by mode.   Therapy may be administered while relaxing or sleeping.  PEMF should be the standard of care in osteoporosis and in many other rheumatic conditions and someday soon it will be, or so we sincerely believe.  Curatron XPSE and XP Systems are Highly Recommended.

XP Upgrade (Read Carefully) The standard Curatron 2000XP is a stand-alone unit and cannot be connected to a computer. Should you want to upgrade the Curatron 2000XP to a PC later, then you can order the Curatron 2000XP with an option for $350.00 which will allow it to be connected to a PC or laptop later.
[1] Rubin, CT, McLeod, KJ, Lanyon, LE, Prevention of osteoporosis by pulsed electromagnetic fields.  J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1989 Mar; 71(3): 411-7.
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