Flash PEMF with coil

NEW Curatron FLASH is a high voltage, capacitance discharge device intended for rapid anesthesia and relief of pain.  The FLASH’s extreme, concentrated electromagnetic impulses are managed electronically through new, high voltage, solid state, semiconductor technology designed to improve performance and overcome technical problems associated with earlier designs of Tesla type devices. The new FLASH comes with Curatronic’s standard 3 year warranty and with improvements in design that the manufacturer states render it service free. 

With the standard 12″ coil, the FLASH can generate a brief, intense pulse of up to 0.52 Tesla or 5,200 Gauss.  With the optional 7″ x 7″ coil, the pulse can measure up to 0.70 Tesla or 7,000 Gauss, around 14,000 times stronger than earth’s electromagnetic field.   

The Curatron FLASH system has 10 internal computer controlled programs, 4 which deliver oscillating PEMF programs (260-1170 Gauss) and 6 high intensity, impulse PEMF programs (2600-5200 Gauss) with the standard 12″ coil.

In addition to the 10 built in programs, the Curatron FLASH PEMF system can also be fully computer controlled through the USB connection to a PC or Laptop  with the optional PEMF Flash software to allow  PEMF report printing, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.   Compare specifications and features of the Curatron FLASH with other devices below.

                       Flash PEMF with coil

Curatron Flash including 12″ coil applicator and 18″ x 18″ zippered pad for inserting coil –  $7,700.00. 



Pad Small for Flash


Optional Applicator: 7″ x 7″ flash zippered pad complete with flash coil system inside  – $475.00


Pad Small for Flash



Optional applicator: 18″ x 23″ mat complete with flash coil system inside  – $675.00




Curatron Software Screen


Optional PEMF Flash Software for Windows and Mac to create and save your own protocols, including USB cables.   $675.00



Shipping, Handling & Insurance:  Shipping worldwide for the FLASH PEMF System is 175.00.   All Curatronic products are shipped from the manufacturer in Israel on Mondays and Wednesdays and customarily arrive within 7-10 business days.  Please decide if you wish to insure your shipment before you place your order. 

Cost to insure shipping your FLASH system is $45.  If you wish to insure shipping of your FLASH system, please do so when you order.

State of Florida Residents are responsible for additional 7% Sales Tax and any county or municipalitty surtax.

All medical device sales are final.

Curatron Flash PEMF System & Options
Product Options
1CuratCuratron FLASH with 12" Coil & Therapy Pad$7,700.00
2Optional 7" x 7" Coil Pad $475.00
3Optional 18" x 23" Mat$675.00
4PEMF Flash Software with USB cables - Windows or Mac$675.00
5Courier shipment worldwide$175.00
6Optional insurance for shipping your FLASH System$45.00
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