Digestive Disorders

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All naturally-oriented traditions understand that the assimilation of vital energy from food is fundamental to health.  Chinese medicine emphasizes the importance of treating “the middle” when digestion or elimination is impaired.  Low intensity laser, led and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies may be ideal methods to treat “the middle," adding energy to promote cellular function, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation,  enhance immunity and alleviate pain.  Positive results have been documented across a broad range of digestive disorders.  Besides evidence of efficacy in many specific conditions, applying these methods abdominally may prove a simple and effective strategy to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

Case Study – Ulcerative Colitis

"Maxine" was a 41 year old female with ulcerative colitis and an anovaginal fistula also experiencing migraine headaches, poor appetite and loss of sensation in her toes. She was seen for 8 visits and treated with laser therapy directly to the fistula, over the abdomen, over the left neck and temple for headaches and to her toes. She reported immediate relief of abdominal discomfort to the area of the fistula after the first session.   By the 8th treatment, the fistula had healed.  She also reported digestion had improved, sensation in her toes was better and frequency and severity of migraines had decreased.

Case Study – Gallbladder Pain / Pancreatitis
"Andrea", a 55 year old female, was hospitalized for intense abdominal pain diagnosed as gallstones/pancreatitis.  Laser therapy alleviated the pain, and she opted not to have surgery, following a healthy diet and remaining symptom free for several months.  After a high fat meal she described as "falling off the wagon," she had a second, painful episode and elected to have her gallbladder removed.  She recalled that as she was going under anesthesia, the surgeon commented that once her gallbladder was out, she could eat anything she wanted.  "Andrea" returned later for laser and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for pain diagnosed as pancreatitis which was also successfully resolved.

Case Study – Constipation/Diarrhea/Bloody Stool
"Yvette" was a 46 year old female teacher who came for 12 visits and was treated successfully for pain in both knees diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis as well as for stress. At her last two visits, she complained of cramping with alternating constipation and diarrhea and blood in the stool.  Laser therapy was given over the abdomen, and cramping and bleeding rapidly resolved and had not reoccurred 3 years later.
  Case Study – Digestive Pain / Stress
"Gloria" was a 24 year old female whose main complaints were intermittent digestive pain, stress and blood in the stool.  She reported that she had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in Argentina.  She was seen for 5 treatments, and the pain, when present, was completely alleviated following laser therapy.

Case Study – Gallbladder Pain

MC, a 47 year old female, was diagnosed with gallstones when she visited the emergency room the weekend prior to her first laser treatment.  Surgery to remove her gallbladder had been recommended.  She came seeking a second opinion and rated her pain in her right and left upper quadrants 4 on a zero to ten scale. (Although gallbladder pain is usually on the right, it frequently refers to the left).  She scored her pain at zero after her first treatment.  She was treated on two more occasions and reported one year later that, other than an occasional twinge usually associated with fatty foods, she is pain free and delighted to have avoided surgery.  For several months after her last visit, MC stayed with an herbal protocol to help emulsify the stones.
Case Study – Elevated Liver Enzymes
A 58 year old male being treated for back and hip pain reported that his liver enzymes had been elevated for many years.  Laser therapy was given over the liver approximately every two weeks x 3.  Patient also took ground milkthistle daily.  Three months later his liver enzymes were normal.

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