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Gain a solid foundation in the theory and parameters for success with energy-based methods.  Receive hands-on training in laser needle acupuncture with 3B-Laser shown above, a wide range of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices including Curatronic’s new, High Intensity, Combined PEMF-LED Probe, new, Extreme Intensity, Flash PEMF and the complete 2000PC system, BioPhotas, new, ground-breaking, flexible Celluma light emitting diode system, Luminex by Medical Laser Systems, and more.  2016/17 has been a breakthrough year for new technology and devices.  There is much new to gain in this course.

Day 1 focuses on theory, biological effects and essentials for treatment success.   You will have the opportunity for hands-on practice with state-of-the-art laser, laser needle acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic field and light emitting diode therapy systems for the treatment of pain, head to toe.

In Day 2, you will learn how laser, laser needle, light emitting diode and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices may be applied successfully in aesthetics / dermatology / facial rejuvenation, cardiovascular disease, digestive, ear and eye disorders, gynecology, for hair regrowth, neuropathy, osteoporosis, respiratory disorders, sports medicine and much more.

David Rindge and Healing Light Seminars have been practicing with and teaching energy-based methods continually since 2002.  We constantly update our methods and equipment as new technology and information become available.  We will only recommend a device if we are continuing to use it clinically, have found it effective, reliable and to deliver genuine value.

You will receive Laser Therapy: A Clinical Manual as part of the course.

Laser Therapy - A Clinical ManualThis popular training manual by Blahnik and Rindge presents the theory and clinical application of laser therapy in clearly understandable terms with treatment protocols for more than 40 conditions.  Laser Therapy: A Clinical Manual is an important important resource in the course and a $79.00 value.  You will also receive treatment protocols for other conditions, updates and much, much more relevant material in this course.

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to come from knowledge and strength in your practice with laser, laser needle, led and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies.  Learn More and Register Here.

Course Date / Location

November 4-5, 2017.  Wild Manta, 5151 South Babcock St, Palm Bay, FL 32905.  (321) 676-8606.


Or call 321-751-7001.

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